Lotolie provides a comprehensive range of hairdressing services to people of all ages at affordable prices in a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


We aim to provide a family friendly service. Young children are welcome in our salon, whether they are getting their own hair cut or spending time in our play area while you get yours done. 

 Our salon provides a range of professional products including Joico, Fudge and Amargen. 


Situated in the heart of Walthamstow village, just a 10 minute walk from Walthamstow Central Station.




Cut and blowdry

Re-style and blowdry

From £42

From £52

Re-style and rough dry

From £42

Cut and rough dry

From £32

Gents cut

From £32

Tint (roots only)

From £49

Semi Colour (roots only)

From £49

T-Section High-Lights 

Half head of High-lights

From £55

From £69


 From £35

Tint (all through)

From £59

Semi colour (all through) 

From £59

Full head of High-lights

From £89

Bleached &

Ombre/Balliage Hair

Price on consultation

Kid's Cuts

Age 0-5

Cut From £12

Re- style From £17

Age 6-10

 Cut From £ 17

Re-style & Blow-dry From £29

Cut & Blow-dry From £22

 Re-style From £22

Age 11-15

Cut From £22

 Cut & Blow-dry From £28

 Re-Style & Blow-dry From £33

 Re-Style From £28

Age 16-18

Cut From £28

Cut & Blow-dry From £33

Re-style From £33

Re-style & Blow-dry From £39

Perms From £79

Hair wash From £9

Treatments From £15